The Real Slim Shaky

imagesIn 2000, Marshall Bruce Mathers III, aka Eminem, recorded the song “The Real Slim Shady” which included the lyrics “won’t the real Slim Shady please stand up.” Now I am gonna just set that right there in your bran and let that marinate a bit as that song gets recalled and stuck in repeat mode and you start moving your head rhythmically. I know; I have not written since June, It has been one busy summer with school and work, and of course being that superhero known as PD Super Fighter Hero Guy. Ok, that was ridiculous, but I thought it was funny. I did have some classes to finish up, and the summer semester in our community college was a busy time for me as a student advisor. I managed to do some bike riding and finished a 37-mile ride for a local charity, and have since fixed my training focus to running the Delta Dash in September, a small local mud run, and of course the Warrior Dash in October, a huge OCR/mud run for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Google it sometime; I think PD has stolen my sanity. A friend of mine asked me if was aiming to win; I simply said that I was hoping to not use my health insurance card that day. But enough about that craziness.

I have had the opportunity since writing in June to be featured in a web based interview series with Karl Sterling of Parkinson’s Regeneration Training. Karl did a great job of letting me tell my story and publishing it to the web, and I received a ton of positive feedback and encouragement; Karl is definitely a new friend. I was able to connect with some amazing people like Cindey and Pat Donahoo of the Davis Phinney Foundation, John Humphreys who is affiliated with Emory University and the MJ Fox Foundation, Omotola Thomas of the #parkinstand movement, and Jimmy Choi of the American Ninja Warrior competition. I certainly met a whole bunch of other special people out there fighting just like me. I thought wow, what can I do with this push of positive people and energy? I had huge thoughts and crazy goals running through my mind, but one of my best buds out there in the PD world, Christian Banda, encouraged me to focus on others, to stay true to what my blog was about, helping others and encouraging others through their struggles, and to most importantly stay true to my values. See, the cool part about Christian is he is a PD fighter, but this guy fights on the beast level, like Godzilla or King Kong style or something. He runs Spartan Trifectas and is running in the Spartan World Championship race in Lake Tahoe this year and has an incredible PD fighter story. But when you ask him why does what he does, it is really a pretty humble reply; to fight PD and to be a voice so others can be helped. You ask any of the other people I mentioned, you will get a similar answer. They are all “standing up” in the fight against PD, and when I have those days where I am unmotivated, I just go out and find one of them on the internet, and I get inspired; you should too.

Following Christian’s direction, and my values, I decided to impact my world, my community, by starting a PD support group called Shaking Up LA (Lower Alabama). I have found great support from the Parkinson’s Association of Alabama, and we will have our first meeting next month. And that brings me back to the song by Eminem that has been going through your head since you recalled those lyrics. I was in the gym and actually heard that song, and of course, having a jiggidy  brain, I started laughing and said “I am the Real Slim Shaky, and I am standing up as a voice for Parkinson’s.” Now naturally, I couldn’t just stop there, so I had a really cool guy named Denny Giles (shalloWit design) worked me up some t-shirts for a fundraiser, and guess what, we are selling Slim Shaky t-shirts  as a fundraiser for the PAA (yeah, you need one, go check it out on Facebook).  But you know, my point in all of this is not to tell you about a bunch of really cool people, although I do think you would be inspired by them if you checked them out on Facebook. My point is not to tell you about our super awesome superhero PD fighting group like the one we started in lower Alabama or selling the coolest t-shirts you will ever own. Nope, my point is to encourage you by sharing how one guy from a small town in Alabama fighting a degenerative disorder is “standing up” and being a voice, being a fighter for others, and being an encouragement in a world faced with so much of the opposite. We have heard stories like this many times in history, and we are all amazed by them, but how many times do we think that we can do that very same thing?

Regardless of the challenges you may face, the one simple act of “standing up” to make a difference or make an impact in someone else’s struggle will leave you amazed at what you are able to accomplish in spite of your challenges. I used a phrase in another blog way back that I have sort of coined, and it goes like this: I don’t want to live in a world where I am shaken by Parkinson’s, but instead I want to shake up the world where I live in spite of Parkinson’s. Stand up and be amazed, even shocked. Not shocked like when you found out spoons don’t really make airplane noises, and not amazed like when you realize Wal Mart really is a one stop shop where you can eat at a fast food restaurant, get your haircut, open a checking account, get your glasses, get new tires and a car service, do your grocery and back to school shopping, get your prescriptions, and most importantly, get some serious training on what not to wear in public places. No, I mean amazed and shocked at how suddenly a huge world full of different people struggling every day suddenly is not so big and different, and the problems and struggles that we overwhelmingly face become more manageable by the simple act of standing up and being a voice and supporting someone else in their struggle. So, sort of in the words of Eminem, will the Real Slim Shaky please stand up, do more than get the remote or go to the bathroom,  be a voice, and make a difference today?

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I Positive I Am Not Negative

Funny-Motivational-Quotes-1I was talking with someone through social media who said that they found my blog to be “inspiring”. I thought that was an incredible compliment because I don’t really think about inspiring someone; I am just John. I just try to be positive when everything inside of me may be trying to make me negative. I actually took a few minutes and looked up inspiring, and it was defined as “having the effect of inspiring someone.” Ok,, thanks. I then looked up inspire and I was like “Wow; someone thinks that about my words?” I saw words like “to fill with exalting influence” and “to fill or affect with specified thought or action.” I also saw “to inhale”, and honestly, sighing may use inspiration, so maybe I am that kind of inspiration; I make people sigh. Seriously though, I was humbled by that, and by many other people who have shared that they have found some encouragement in my words.

I am hanging tough a little over a year since my Parkinson’s diagnosis and I have been exercising hard, reading and studying hard, focusing hard, maintaining my meds hard, struggling through each day hard, and the one thing I have figured out is that Parkinson’s is hard work. It can be mentally and physically draining, and the single highest non-motor symptom of PD is depression, and that is a big battle daily. My symptoms fluctuate, and some of my days make me sit on the bedside and say “Really? Today it has to be like this, really?” I know LIFE is a job every day, and I would imagine that any struggle creates tiring work for anyone who is struggling with whatever it is that they face, so I am not saying that PD has that market cornered; my perspective is PD, but I bet it applies anywhere if you think it through. But just like there is no angry way to say the word bubbles, I simply cannot accept the fact that my struggle of PD is going to negatively define me.

I define my PD as an opportunity; an opportunity to improve myself, an opportunity to encourage others, and an opportunity to rise above a struggle. My PD gives me the ability to be truly grateful for each day that I get up and walk and dress myself and feed myself. That way, I am focused on where I am headed rather than the disease I have. I read somewhere that if you change the way you look at the things, the things you look at will change. I also read that if at first you don’t succeed, then skydiving probably isn’t for you. I am not some super hero (although I have been known to wear a Batman costume in public) or have some special gift for facing struggles; I get tired, I get depressed, I get angry, I get sad. I am not special at all, but I do tell myself I am a limited edition. If someone calls me crazy, I get down of my unicorn and slap them silly. I realize I may be a potato now, but one day, when I turn into fries, I will be amazing. I realize that it is ok for me to eat cake because it is somebody’s birthday, somewhere.  If I fall down the stairs, I think positively and tell myself to look at how quickly I got to the bottom. Just like celery is 95% water and 100% not pepperoni pizza, Parkinson’s is 95% a life changing struggle, but 100% not controlling me.

I honestly don’t know the struggle of many of the readers of my blog, and truthfully, probably not for most of the people that I encounter each day, but I can honestly say that each of you are my inspiration. You inspire me to be better, to act more kindly, to laugh out loud, to offer smiles and hugs, and to live my life as fully as I can, all in the hopes of maybe encouraging you in some small way. We are all family, related by the commonality of being human beings. Living our lives fully and for other people; that should define us. Maybe the world would be a better place. Maybe we would have a world where the chicken could cross the road and no one would question motive. And maybe when people ask me what I do, and I answer “whatever it takes”, they become driven as well to make their own little part of the world better.  By the way, don’t take life too seriously. If you can’t laugh at yourself, call me. I promise I will laugh at you.

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Bread Tanning

ToastersI love this meme. “Dude, toasters are like tanning beds for bread.” The thing that sometimes catches me a little off guard is that I laugh, but then follow that up with “but that is really kind of the truth.” Since writing my last blog, I have one more final exam and I will be finished with the spring semester of classes. I thoroughly enjoyed both classes, and I was able to spend a lot of time learning more about myself and what my core values are through participation in my Ethics and Society class. I am looking forward to public speaking class in the summer and a microbiology class in the fall to round out my general education classes for my RN degree. That will be when the stress kicks in; core classes.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that it will be ok; I just have to focus and study and balance work and school and family life. Thousands of people do it every day. I don’t even feel extra special because I carry Parkinson’s to that table either; lots of people overcome adversity to pursue their dreams, and some of those adversities are way bigger than mine.  As a side note, people have told me that they are proud of me for going back to school while struggling through PD and that they admire my courage, but I am really not any more special than anyone else. I kindly thank them, but know that they are as special as I am because they took the time to encourage me. So what is stressing me so much?

First, it is this tremendous pressure I put on myself to not just be successful, but to be the best. My competitive nature pushes me to work harder, train harder, to keep looking for bigger competitive activities, and second best is not an acceptable effort for me. I often wear out the quote that Ricky Bobby’s dad used: “If you ain’t first, you’re last.”  Now please don’t visit the later part in the movie where he said he was high when he said it and that the quote didn’t make any since because there is second place, third place, and so on.  In school, I strive for the A. The problem is that sacrifice comes with that, and at a point in my life when I am realizing that so many more things and people hold tremendous value in my life (yeah, those neuro disorder diagnoses with lifelong implications change your perspective), what am I willing to let be sacrificed for being the best in school? Is second place ok? How about third? I once heard a student remark that the “C” nurse gets paid the same as the “A” nurse; the only thing that matters is the license. But if I am the patient, the question I have to ask is “am I ok with the “C” nurse?”

But the other stress comes in when I consider second or third place being ok (and trust me, it really is). My other stress though is saying to myself that my PD gave me a different perspective and my PD also gives me specific challenges for school and my PD, has made me accept second or third, or may even be the reason I can’t be first. A lot of well-intending people would agree with me, and even tell me that I was courageous for even trying. Nope, sorry, PD is not going to get that satisfaction. Many of you know that I rode in a bike ride that was 30 miles for children’s cancer (at least if you have ever read my blog). Crazy thing is, I wasn’t the first or second or even the third finisher. But the great thing was that I was a finisher, a finisher without walking, a finisher without regret, and a finisher with PD. But the very best thing was that I rode a ride for children’s cancer, for a camp that gives hope to so many children, a camp named Smile-A-Mile, and for that, I gave my complete best and can accept that. The catch is now I want to ride more and ride longer distances and have started spending more money on a bike, jersey’s equipment, etc. Oh well, it’s all for a good cause, right? And not to mention the extensive studies done on biking and the benefits it has for PD.

So realizing that, my measurement for being the best really doesn’t rely on first or second or even 7th; my measurement for being the best is knowing that I put forth all of the effort and heart I had to accomplish something, regardless of excuses or diseases or reasons why I should not have been able to, and that I finished. Period. I finished, and left my heart in whatever I was trying to accomplish. So no matter what you set out to do, be sure you use the right measurement for being the top finisher. Don’t believe me? Check out folks like Christian Banda IG @bandabuilt and Allie Topperwein IG @litwithindotcom and scores of others who are doing just that. Impact your crazy little world with your touch of craziness, and give it your best! And definitely apply sunscreen to the sensitive areas of your bread slices before you subject them to the toaster. Tanning beds can damage the crust.

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top-35-funniest-quotes-and-sayings-quotesIf you are like most people who are either right-handed or left-handed, have you ever really considered how weird it is that you have one hand that easily knows exactly what to do, and then you have this other hand that is just hanging around like “uh, I don’t even know how to hold a pencil”? Think about when you talk using your phone. Do you have a preferred ear? Does it seem awkward to change and use the other ear? Do you have other activities you do each day that you perform the same way each time without even thinking about it, like putting on pants (which leg is first) or putting on shoes (which shoe is first)? Most folks would agree when I say it is simply habit. defines habit as “an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary.” We all have habits, and habits can be good, bad, or even neutral, such as writing, but one thing is for sure, they can be hard to change. When I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, some of my ‘habits’ around eating, thinking, and especially activity and exercise were not ready to hear that I had Parkinson’s and that an active lifestyle, different thinking, and changes in diet would help me at least slow the progression of the disease, and maybe lessen the severity of the symptoms.  In all actuality, many of my ‘habits’ weren’t really healthy both physically and emotionally for day to day living as a ‘normal’ person.

Funny thing is that PD or any other life changing disease, sudden disability or loss of function, or even loss of loved ones that you depend on can suddenly make reevaluation of your ‘habits’ necessary to survive, and to grow in the process. For me, it was recognizing that “ok” is just another term for mediocre, and I needed to reframe both my lifestyle and mind against a backdrop of excellence, not mediocrity. Aristotle said “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” My new ‘habits’, my future, my whole life,  had to be reframed against excellence. For me, it became bicycling and spending time in the gym and slowly changing the way I eat. It especially became about removing self-defeating and negative thoughts concerning Parkinson’s, and deciding that my life would be defined not by a disease, but by a design that moves me to strive for excellence.

I took small steps at first, wondering how much time I could gain by replying to text messages with “k” instead of “ok” (nah, just kidding). I honestly quit talking, and just started doing. I have been encouraged by those around me, and others who are huge competitors in Spartan Races (@bandabuilt) and Ninja Warrior competitions (@litwithin), all while fighting PD. I have been blessed with great friends and a wonderful family. I even named my dog five miles just so I wouldn’t be lying when I said I walked five miles every day (just kidding, I don’t have a dog). Through it all, I can honestly say that the greatest thing I did was take one step towards excellence, and begin to make excellence my new ‘habit’ for life. Period. Nothing less. Many people live, afraid of dying. When I die, I want to know that I truly lived. Let me encourage you to do the same. Be excellent from now on. Oh yeah, you come hang out with me at the corner of awesome and bombdiggity when you start those new ‘habits’. BTW, school is going great; I am a straight A ‘nerd’ lol.


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Who are you?


In 1978, The Who released the song “Who Are You?” If you look at the words that describe me in my Twitter profile, you will find these words, in this order: Christian, veteran, husband, dad, nurse. If you look at the hash tags on my Instagram or my blogs, you can quickly figure out I am into fitness and biking, and that I have Parkinson’s as well. Now let me start out by saying that I haven’t written in a while, and one or two of you might have noticed that. I had a long break around Christmas (as most school folks do), and when I came back from the holidays, we had started a new freshman class of nurses, along with an upper level class, so things have just quieted down there.

I continue to go to the gym, and I ride as I can, daylight and weather permitting, in preparation for my 30 mile Peddlin for a Cure Ride. Great news is that my son is riding it as well, and I have a good friend who also may be a participant. But honestly, by far, the biggest change is I am now a student again. I am taking some required general education courses to prepare for completion of my RN. I am pretty excited, and also overwhelmed, which is why I may have to space my blogs out a bit this year. Working full time, returning to school, gym life, home life, church life, and life in general has pretty much filled my schedule. However, one promise I made to myself was to use the gift of writing I seem to have, and continue to encourage others as I can through whatever they may be facing.

Now back to ‘who are you’? I read a quote the other day that said something close to it’s not what they call you that matters; it only matters what you answer to. Now let that sink in a minute. How many days do we wake up worrying about what the world will think of us; our successes or failures, our beauty or scars, our wealth or poverty? We often use the wrong standard to measure where we are in our lives: someone else’s life. We can be trying to make ourselves look better or feel better, or we can be wishing that our lives were as good as _______’s. Truth is, we can be called loser or ugly or poor, and if that is what we believe, we will answer to that.  Rainer Wilke, Austrian poet said “If your daily life seems poor, don’t blame it; blame yourself that you are not poet enough to call forth all its riches. For the creative, there is no poverty.” If you cannot find the good, the blessings that we have, even in the bad times, then we are truly poor, truly failing, truly ugly on the inside.

Now do I believe we cannot have bad days and everything is always good? Of course not, but before we get trapped by our circumstances, trapped by our disease, or even trapped by the world around us, we have got to search for the good that we in fact do have. I may get called a lot of things, and some not even pleasant. But I will always answer to winner, committed, focused, encourager, leader, and of course Batman or Chuck Norris. I saw a video referring to Chuck Norris, saying that “medicine takes Chuck Norris when it feels bad”. I hope to be the person that people can “take” when they feel bad. I hope to be, even in the weakness of Parkinson’s disease, a strength that can encourage the person who is in a bad place to dig a little deeper, and answer to what their inner warrior truly pushes them to be. And of course Batman. To my buddy Doug who may ride in the bike race, yes Doug, Batman is who I answer to.  Live loud and alive until we get back together!

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Ah, The Safety of Puffalopes

636042411318026931-471225797_patrick_star_ice_creamsOut of all of the characters in the cartoon world, Patrick Star has to be my favorite. I know most of you may actually find SpongeBob Squarepants utterly annoying, but having a son who watched him growing up, and grandkids who watch him now, I have found Patrick to be the ultimate in things that make absolutely no sense, but are really senselessly funny. One of his most admirable quotes to me was when he said “It may be stupid, but it’s also dumb.”  Can you just see trying to argue with that logic? But crazily enough that logic is actually kind of sound in an odd sort of way.

Now I have to honestly say that while my Parkinson’s has changed me physically, the mental changes have by far been more challenging. My ability to focus and remain on task suffers greatly. It is sort of like this picture I saw that said “Roses are red, my name isn’t Dave, and this is really random, microwave.” It seems that’s how poetry goes for me anymore, and while frustrating, it can be equally hilarious as well. My memory, well, let’s just say I can’t actually remember when my memory actually worked like it was supposed to. Parkinson’s creates significant memory and cognitive loss, and can lead to Parkinson’s related dementia, so I decided to give up my memory in order to forget about the dementia. You spend a lot of time Knowing that while you have not completely lost your marbles, you realize that there is a hole in the bag, and you become very good at disguising that and hiding that from others.

With the cognitive and memory changes comes emotional changes as well, but I have actually found that my sense of humor has increased, and usually, the sillier something is, the more hilarious it is to me. Unfortunately, I am afraid this is annoying at times to those around me (much like Patrick), but I am glad that I am at least headed in that direction, instead of being depressed or sad, emotions that I also experience in pretty extreme ways sometimes. But anyhow, although this is pointless, I do have to get back to “It may be stupid, but it’s also dumb” point

This is not negative,  so that is why I wanted to pick some things that make me laugh, and also make little to no sense. I have some very important questions for you to think about in the first part. Question one: if I wasn’t meant to eat food in the middle of the night, why is there a light in the fridge? Question two: why is “W” called double-‘u’ when it is actually two V’s put together? Question three: what if Algebra teachers are really pirates, and when they tell us to find “x”, it’s so they can take the treasure?  Final question: Why is math the only place where someone can by 64 watermelons and nobody really cares why?

I also like words that are not real, but are so convincing in their use that you would think they were. I cannot take credit for these, but they are out there on the internet.

Jobfusticate – To arrange matters such that to other people your job appears to be so complex and technical that nobody else (least of all your boss) can understand exactly what it is you do

Outrance – The opposite of entrance.

Puffalope – One of those padded, puffy envelopes.

Opsablepsia – The inability to look someone in the eye

Fantabulous – An amalgamation of fantastic and fabulous.

Sploop – The flat, rounded corner that gets created when you drop your bar of soap in the shower.

Exhaustipated – Too tired to give a crap.

Please note that my favorite is lunch: a loved exercise somewhere between a lunge and a crunch. I love me some lunch.

Now, I know all of this may seem pointless, but I do believe laughter is some of the best medicine you can have, regardless of the struggle you are facing. You can read self-help manuals and study on logic like “when one door closes, another opens”, but I also believe that when one door closes, you just turn the doorknob and open it back up; that’s just how doors work. You may have days when you are holding a stick and everyone around you looks like a piñata, or you may experience those awkward moments when you take a shower in the middle of the afternoon and you don’t know whether to put on regular clothes or pajamas. Whatever comes around that tries to trip you up, find a way to laugh at it, and if it does happen to trip you up, wrap yourself in puffalopes so that the fall doesn’t hurt.

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Make Your Fat Squall


I have to say that I have been in similar contorted positions as the lady in this picture, and the good news is that it wasn’t from Parkinson’s disease. No, my contortions have resulted from soreness or cramps as a result of “gym time” or “arm day/leg day” or my favorite “pose in front of the mirror at the gym while I work out time”. Don’t act like you don’t catch the random occasional pose if you frequent the gym and get the chance to pass in front of a mirror. I will call you out if you won’t admit it. Now, please keep in mind that for those of you who don’t know me, I am not a fitness guru, nor am I some hulking beast who can’t fit into normal clothes because of the size of my muscles. Most of the time, if I can’t fit into normal clothes, it usually has to do with extra dessert or too much barbeque, and it usually only affects my waist. For those of you who do know me, you are simply saying “yep” to yourselves right now, and nodding in agreement.

For me, working out is not about sculpting the body. For me, working out is a necessity to take control of my body. It is no secret that I bike, but given my work hours, biking time struggles to happen in the winter, so I work out in a 24 hour gym. I use exercise as a complementary therapy to my medications, and to help build balance and strength. But trust me, even if your fight isn’t Parkinson’s, exercise, well that is one you have to ease into, sort of like those cheap “pleather” (plastic leather) shoes that you know you have to wear that will hurt your feet and give you blisters. It’s not going to be comfortable or pretty. As the years added up in my life, I honestly thought that if the good Lord had wanted me to touch my toes, He would have attached them to my knees instead of my feet. I found every reason in the world for most of my life to not exercise, but back in March, I was given one reason to not miss exercise in my life, and that was PD for me.

Now I am not one of those guys who is loudly exclaiming “Making excuses burns zero calories in an hour” or “Sweating comes from making your fat cry”, although the latter was kind of funny when I read it. I believe fitness actually draws on much more than our muscles, and actually grows much more than our muscles. There is a guy in the social media world that I have now had the pleasure of chatting with named Christian Banda. He is a fellow brother in the land of Parkinson’s, but this guy was the “First person with Parkinson’s to complete multiple Spartan Race obstacle course trifectas.” (It’s in quotes because that is straight out of his bio), but check him out at This guy is a Spartan beast, and he had these words to talk about fitness and PD: “PD is a part of me, but does not define me. In fact, it has elevated me to another level of grit, determination and perseverance that has transcended me in all aspects of my life.”

See, the really great part about challenges and the fitness and the fight that we bring to those challenges will actually make us greater as individuals. We suddenly find the warrior inside of us, and find a new fight in us each day. But even greater, our lives transform into the positive, and to coin the words of the artist Thomas Kinkade, suddenly, “I am a warrior for light.” That is why you see the #litwithin in my blogs or on Christian’s pages or Ninja Warrior Allie Toepperwein’s pages because we are not letting PD darken us, but instead to make us warriors for the light that is inside each of us, the light that you too carry inside of you. It is also the hashtag for, an organization with the mission to empower people with disease of any kind and at any age. Donated funds are used to support various causes and outreach, and to educate and inspire people to take their lives back from their disease that grips them. Look for the ‘donate’ button. My soreness, my cramps, my contorted body when I wake up with that in the middle of the night is a wonderful reminder of how my light is growing inside, and how PD is actually shrinking when it comes to who I am. Remember your strength today, and remember to make your fat squall like a baby in the gym, but please use deodorant before you do. Have fun!

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