Who are you?


In 1978, The Who released the song “Who Are You?” If you look at the words that describe me in my Twitter profile, you will find these words, in this order: Christian, veteran, husband, dad, nurse. If you look at the hash tags on my Instagram or my blogs, you can quickly figure out I am into fitness and biking, and that I have Parkinson’s as well. Now let me start out by saying that I haven’t written in a while, and one or two of you might have noticed that. I had a long break around Christmas (as most school folks do), and when I came back from the holidays, we had started a new freshman class of nurses, along with an upper level class, so things have just quieted down there.

I continue to go to the gym, and I ride as I can, daylight and weather permitting, in preparation for my 30 mile Peddlin for a Cure Ride. Great news is that my son is riding it as well, and I have a good friend who also may be a participant. But honestly, by far, the biggest change is I am now a student again. I am taking some required general education courses to prepare for completion of my RN. I am pretty excited, and also overwhelmed, which is why I may have to space my blogs out a bit this year. Working full time, returning to school, gym life, home life, church life, and life in general has pretty much filled my schedule. However, one promise I made to myself was to use the gift of writing I seem to have, and continue to encourage others as I can through whatever they may be facing.

Now back to ‘who are you’? I read a quote the other day that said something close to it’s not what they call you that matters; it only matters what you answer to. Now let that sink in a minute. How many days do we wake up worrying about what the world will think of us; our successes or failures, our beauty or scars, our wealth or poverty? We often use the wrong standard to measure where we are in our lives: someone else’s life. We can be trying to make ourselves look better or feel better, or we can be wishing that our lives were as good as _______’s. Truth is, we can be called loser or ugly or poor, and if that is what we believe, we will answer to that.  Rainer Wilke, Austrian poet said “If your daily life seems poor, don’t blame it; blame yourself that you are not poet enough to call forth all its riches. For the creative, there is no poverty.” If you cannot find the good, the blessings that we have, even in the bad times, then we are truly poor, truly failing, truly ugly on the inside.

Now do I believe we cannot have bad days and everything is always good? Of course not, but before we get trapped by our circumstances, trapped by our disease, or even trapped by the world around us, we have got to search for the good that we in fact do have. I may get called a lot of things, and some not even pleasant. But I will always answer to winner, committed, focused, encourager, leader, and of course Batman or Chuck Norris. I saw a video referring to Chuck Norris, saying that “medicine takes Chuck Norris when it feels bad”. I hope to be the person that people can “take” when they feel bad. I hope to be, even in the weakness of Parkinson’s disease, a strength that can encourage the person who is in a bad place to dig a little deeper, and answer to what their inner warrior truly pushes them to be. And of course Batman. To my buddy Doug who may ride in the bike race, yes Doug, Batman is who I answer to.  Live loud and alive until we get back together!

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3 thoughts on “Who are you?

  1. I’m liking what you are writing! You mentioned in this last blog that you are BATMAN! Here is the funny part. Not funny as if your silly, because you are not! Funny in that you and I seem to say and believe the same things. Before I was diagnosed I would always say how I felt like Superman! Then the day of Parkinson’s came. I then described Parkinson’s is like how Superman would feel if he had just been injected with green kryptonite! Now, 10 years later, I’m reporting Superman has died. (My pre PD life) I am now like BATMAN! Human with human frailties and faults yet perseveres in the middle of the storm! I rely on gadgets to assist me instead of my body. I must be mentally tough like Batman because I am no longer physically strong like Superman. Great reference! Look forward to reading more from you!


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